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Sinner Saved by the Grace of God. Calvinist by the Five Points. West Virginian by birth. Virginian by family history, choice, and the Grace of God. Physician Assistant/retired Navy MSC Officer, now working for the Army at Ft. Lee, VA.
Thirty second degree Mason.
When writing or rewriting the bio of an especially noted person my goal is to create something a high schooler can use as the starting point for a term paper. Always ready to discuss Mr. Jefferson, I posted the bios of him, of his dear Patty and Patsy, and three of his biographers. Proud Southerner and member of the SCV (AP Hill Camp #167, Petersburg, VA). Actor/American Revolution (Patrick Henry's speech at St. John's Church, though I don't play Mr. Henry) interpreter. Member of the American Legion; Life Member of the NRA.

Professional memberships include the John Bell Hood Historical Society, the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation, the Army Society of Physician Assistants, and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA)

My roots are in Southwestern Virginia, and southern West names would be Hufford (and the alternative spelling Huffard), Caldwell, Taylor, Ross, Bowman, and Farley, though I confess that my knowledge is limited.

Errors of fact, grammar, or spelling are 100% MINE. Please notify me when you catch them. Famous memorials are NOT 'first come first served' and people named "anonymous" will be ignored...unfortunately past events force me into a policy of deleting any unsolicited page sent to me.

My thanks to all who visit my dear Leila and our good friend Mo. God Bless you for your kindness!

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